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Welcome to Vintage Hotel Silver.Com.  Not only are we selling Hotel and Railroad type silver, but we are also PURCHASING marked pieces of Hotel, Restaurant, Steamship & Railroad Silver Soldered - Silver Plate.


Hotel Silver PlateHotel Silver Plate Hotel silver, in addition to railroad silver, has become a very popular area of collecting today.  This heavyweight type silver was once used in the dining rooms, restaurants, coffee shops, and even for room service of most of American's hotels during the late 19th up to the mid 20th Century.
These pieces of silver have the names of the hotels on the side, top, or bottom of the piece.  Sometimes they are only stamped with just the name on the bottom, or others could have an elaborate monogram or logo marked on the side or top of the piece.  

Today, many of America's hotels of the past are still standing, which some have been completely restored and many are still in operation.  Some of these hotels include the Plaza, Hotel Pennsylvania, The Commodore (all in New York City), the Stevens and Palmer House in Chicago, the Grand Hotel at Mackinaw Island, the Henry Flagler - Florida East Coast Hotels, and countless other hotels that canvassed not only the largest cities but even the smallest towns and cities. 

Be assured that these pieces offered here are guaranteed authentic and original.
We also currently only purchase and offer pieces that are actually marked with the names of the hotel or railroad line on them.  These pieces that are offered are also in very good to excellent condition.



Hotel Silver PlateHotel Silver Plate

Railroad Silver in essence is exactly the same as hotel, steamship, and restaurant silver.  But what differentiates these from hotel silver is the fact that these pieces were originally intended to be used aboard the railroad's dining cars, lounges, and even for Pullman sleeper service. Some railroads also had their own (or contracted) station eating house and hotels, as was the case with the Fred Harvey Company that operated the station eating houses and hotels for the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. As was almost always the case, this silver plate was used in connection with the heavyweight type china and glass for actual table service.

Some of these railroad lines include the Baltimore & Ohio, Chicago & Eastern Illinois, The Chicago Indianapolis & Louisville (Monon Route), Chicago Burlington & Quincy, Pennsylvania, Texas & Pacific, Great Northern, Illinois Central, Leigh Valley, Seaboard Coast Line, and many others. 


Hotel Silver PlateHotel Silver PlateSteamship Silver is actual silver plate that was actually used aboard the great steamers of liners of the past.  These lines include The Cunard's White Star Line (who operated the great ships such as the Titanic and the Lusitania), the Red Star Line, United Fruit Company, Alaska Steamship Co., and so on, that traversed the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  Some of this silver also was used aboard the Great Lakes Steamboats and also the inland waterways and rivers for riverboats.  Some of these lines included the C&B Line (Chicago & Buffalo), the D&C Line (Detroit & Cleveland), and even the Hudson River Day Line.


Manufactuers of the silver plate that is collected today include the Reed & Barton Silver Co., The Gorham Silver Co., Smith Silver Co. (that later became the Blackstone Silver Co. in 1914), Rogers Bros. (Hartford, Connecticut), International Silver Co., the Tiffany & Co., and the R. Wallace Silver Co.

The Distributors to hotels, railroads, etc, included the Albert Pick & Company in Chicago, Burley & Co,L. Barth & Sons, Arthur Schiller & Sons, St. Louis Glass & Queenware Co., John Wanamaker, James M. Shaw, Marshall Field & Co., Nathan Straus & Co., and many others.


Silver Soldered - Silver Plate over the years has been called different names.  These names developed based on what the manufacturer called them and sometimes even the actual process.  Some of these names include Quadrupleplate, Nickel Silver, and Hard Soldered.


Hotel Silver PlateHotel Silver PlateRestaurantware is the heavyweight - heavy grade type vintage china that was almost always used in connection with the hotel, railroad, restaurant, or steamship silver plate for actual table or counter service.  This type of china is normally very heavy, thick, and durable.  We currently do sale quality vintage authentic restaruantware that is very well suited to be used free standing or in connection with the silver plate we offer. 

Most of the china that we offer has the name, insignia, or logo of the hotel, railroad line, etc., visible from the top or side.  These manufacturers include the O.P.CO. - Syracuse China Co., Jackson China, Buffalo China, Shenango, Mayer, Scammells - Lamberton, Greenwood China, Maddock American China, Trenton China, Bauscher, Union Porcelain Works, and Walker China.

We are also BUYING china that was actually used in hotels, boats or trains and has the markings/name/insignia of the company or organization on the top, side or back of the piece. We are also purchasing the heavy grade "marked" restaurant, Fire Department, Oil Company (such as Texaco, Sunoco, Standard Oil) Department Store, Drug Store (i.e., Rexall and Liggett's), Candy Shop & Confectionary, Soda Shop, Ice Cream, Drive-In, Doughnut, and Lunch Counter/Cafe china.

We are NOT looking for "Mass Produced" Stock China. Examples of Stock China would be the heavy grade white pieces with two green bands around them, or the china that can be found at retail outlets for public purchase.
We especially enjoy and specialize in offering silver plate and china in the areas of teapots, compotes, water pitchers - carafes, butter pats, hot food covers - domes, service and dinner plates, creamers, chamber pots, steins, sugar tongs, nut crackers, and mugs - cups.  The more unique, the better we like it.


Railroad LampRailroad LanternWe are also purchasing OLDER tall globe 5 3/8" or larger Railroad Lanterns with markings on the Globes and the frames.  We are especially interested in Blue, Yellow or Green Globes with the names or initials of the Railroad embossed on them.  Some of these manufactuers include the Adams & Westlake Company, Adlake, Thompson, Dressel, Armspear, Handlan, and Hiram Piper. 


Wax SealerPolice BadgeWe also sale and purchase Railroad Hardware, including but not limited to, baggage tags, advertising items, railroad police badges, cap badges, dater dies, wax sealers, match holders - match stands, Pullman blankets, ink wells, step stools, railroad passes, and just about any other quality and authentic railroad item.

Hotel Hardware

Wax SealerBadgeWe also sale and purchase, when available, hotel signs (painted and neon), hotel paperweights, vintage souvenir china (such as Jonroth), bell hop badges, or any other quality item that was used in a hotel and actually has the hotel's marking or name on it. 

Hotel Glass

Hotel Silver GlassCustard VaseHotel and Railroad glassware, including stemware, pitchers, depression glassware, leaded glass, custard, etc., that have the names of the hotel or railroad lines on them, has become very popular and highly collectible. Some of these manufacturers include Federal, Indiana Glass, A.H. Heisey, and Fostoria. The logos or names on the sides of these glasses are either cut, acid etched, or enameled painted. 


We will purchase individual pieces or entire lots or collections of china, silverplate, railroad lanterns or other railroad and hotel hardware.  Please contact us with the details of what you have.  We guarantee a fair and reasonable price that you will not find somewhere else, or by having a local auction or spending all the time and effort by listing and selling one piece at a time.


Many people today not only choose to collect hotel silver, but they also enjoy using it as it was originally made for.  The bygone era where hotel's and railroad lines once served their patrons with stunning and beautiful silver serving items is gone. But people can purchase these vestiges of the past and also be able to enjoy some of them for actual table service.

One of the most popular areas of Hotel and Railroad silver today is the ability to actually be able to use a piece of this silver as it was intended.

Most of our Silver has been painstaking cleaned and looks stunning.


Have a certain hotel, railroad line, or restaurant that you collect and would like to purchase a piece of their silver plate? Contact us and we can keep your information on file in the event that we find something you're looking for.


To immediately send us information on the items that you would like to sell, please send an email to  Email is checked daily and we will respond to requests as soon as possible. If possible (but not necessary) include as an attachment some scanned images of your piece(s) when replying by email. If you need to send actual photographs by postal mail, you may request our mailing address by emailing first.

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